Girlschool – Take A Bite (HNE Recordings / Cherry Red)


Joining on bass (for this release only) Rock Goddess’s Tracey Lamb held down a solid groove, anchoring a sound familiar to many. Alas, it was not to last and it certainly shouldn’t have been the beginning of the end for these lovely lasses. Once again the NWOBHM hopefuls belted out ten songs of powerful and melodic metal, with a hint of the humour that the quartet seemed to easily portray – solid rock n’ beer fuelled naughtiness, heavy, gritty, and unashamedly honest. Their guitar fused sing-a-longs and no nonsense attitude let them stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the bands of their time. Take A Bite was the second release for GWR ( in 1988) and Head Over Heals, co-written with Lemmy Kilmister, placed them exactly where any metal band needed to be. Take A Bite still sounds classic to this very day. Re-issued in top quality form, this is another one of those eighties albums you need to get your oily biker-mits on. Reach for your cut-off, grab a beer and crank it up LOUD! Mark Freebase


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