GHOUL The Band… Now, GHOUL The Comic Book!

Calling all GHOULunatics! They\’ve splattered the stage, now they\’re going to splatter the page… GHOUL is starring in their own comic book and it\’s being launched with a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter!

GHOUL: Born To Kill is a horror anthology that takes place in GHOUL\’s home country of Creepsylvania. It features GHOUL, some regular characters from their stage show, as well as other Creepsylvanian murderers, mutants, and monsters. The whole book was written and drawn by Ross Sewage, who some may know as the bass player for death metal bands Exhumed and Impaled.

\”I love GHOUL\’s music and I love their very real, very true backstory,\” said Sewage. \”I thought comic books would be a great medium to get more tales from Creepsylvania into the hands of their rabid fans. Kickstarter seemed like the perfect place to let those rabid fans take part in bringing it to life. If this goes well, hopefully there\’ll be more to come!\”

GHOUL is equally excited about jumping into a new medium. \”Ross who?\” said Cremator of GHOUL. \”Oh yeah, that guy who got me super drunk that one night. He pumped me for some stories about home. I guess he drew a comic book or something.\”

The GHOUL comic book Kickstarter campaign features GHOUL related rewards, such as art prints, stickers and buttons, custom painted GHOUL drumheads, and an exclusive t-shirt design. It can be found at Kickstarter here

Ghoul Photo by Chris Casella

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