Frühstückspause – Balla Balla Nach Walhalla CD (Spirit of the Streets)


Okay, you know those bands like Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Macc Lads, Anti Nowhere League and the type. Bands with cheeky lyrics that had you giggling in your teenage bedroom and maybe beyond those oh-so innocent years?! Well as it happens that kind of thing is still MASSIVE in Germany. But if those old UK bands were the musical equivalent of the saucy seaside postcard, the dirty Deutsch versions are very much top-shelf material, served up in a brown paper bag and definitely not for minors! Following the tradition of Die Kassierer, Eisenpimmel, Die Lokalmatadore and many more, we have Frühstückspause\’s new album. As it happens, they\’ve been turning the air blue for many a year and you can tell as musically it\’s top notch. The Test Tube Babies reference isn\’t a bad place to start as these naughty chaps follow a similar path, taking Punk and Oi! as a basis and turning it into whatever they feel like. You\’ll either love it or hate it – it\’s not my thing but fans of the genre can pick this up for sniggers and giggles. Tom Chapman

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