Flowers Of Flesh & Blood – S/T CD (Tuneless Records)

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As far as I can tell this is the debut album from London-based anarcho metal-punx Flowers Of Flesh & Blood. I had come across the name before and a little bit of digging on the internet reminded me of the amazing stunt they pulled off when they played a gig on the banks of the Thames in central London together with Oi Polloi (see here for more information: ). This is a harsh musical journey through an urban wasteland of thrash metal, hardcore and anarcho punk. It is all delivered with incredible tightness, with some great stop and start moments, and some cool melodic touches on the guitars. The shouted rather than grunted vocals pull this band back into hardcore territory, reminiscent of 80\’s bands such as Heresy. It\’s good to see that political hardcore/ punk is still alive and fighting. Tom Chapman


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