Feral Sun – Evacuate


Feral Sun – Evacuate CD (SaNPR)
The CD packaging does look striking and well put together, Feral Sun have made the effort there. Thankfully their mix of impressive riffs and raw emotion is of a decent calibre and any fan of new rock will revel in the melodies this London based band dish out. With this, their debut album, Feral Sun have concocted a sound that draws from contemporary soundings rather than the classic rock approach. Plenty of melody and audible passion could see this band playlist rated amongst the plethora of surfacing rock radio stations, and their accessibility could see them recruiting numerous amounts of fans, given the right circumstances. It’s an album of safe rock, but it is executed extremely well. For those who don’t like it quite as hard and fast ‘Evacuate’ is an album that should appeal to you. Mark Freebase

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