Faz Waltz – Move Over


Faz Waltz – Move Over LP/ CD (Contra)
Giuda. There, I\’ve said it once and got it out of the way. The comparisons are inevitable – an Italian band, retro 70\’s inspired artwork and image, and a pounding glam rock sound, you can\’t really avoid the \”G\” word can you? Before dismissing any of this as imitation it is worth noting that this is actually the Faz\’s fourth album, so we\’re not talking about a flash in the pan but a band with a proven track record. The sound is actually less of a straight modern version of Slade/ Mudd/ Glitter Band but a mix of influences, with a decent helping of Rolling Stones added to the mix. After a couple of listens you can hear how the band does have their own sound and has the ability to write a damn good tune. At the end of the day, music like this when it is played well is going to put a big smile across your face, and Faz Waltz manage to do exactly that. All ten tunes on here are full of energy and power, with songs like \”Telepath Baby\”, \”Working Class Teacher (Hot Class)\” and \”We\’re All We Got\” you have some massive stompers designed to be cranked up and blasted out. Forget any similarities to anything else you might notice – why waste life fussing over this and that, just kick back and let Faz Waltz rule your world for half an hour. Tom Chapman

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