Faz Waltz – Julie / I’m Bleedin’ (Spaghetty Town / Tongue Records /Contra Records)

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I have absolutely no idea what’s in the Italian water these days, but a bludgeoning underground scene dedicated to the 1970s British glam rock movement seems to be thriving. Along with their native peers Giuda, Faz Waltz are spearheading things, and have been doing so for the last 10 years. This is something that may leave a UK rock ‘n’ roller scratching their head, but not this one.

Where Giuda play to the Bovver Boy terrace chants, Faz Waltz are more of a melodic teenage T. Rex cousin. With brand new single Julie (backed with I’m Bleedin’), they owe as much to the Rick Nielsen school of songwriting as they do to Jim Lea and Noddy Holder. Some may argue that their ‘70s knitwear and bushy sideburns are the cheapest of tricks, but if you’re gonna do it then stay crazee and do it right.

Faz Waltz’s riffs are infectious and the melody is insanely catchy. Christ, Faz La Rocca even sounds like Robin Zander flirting with Marc Bolan at times. There’s a certain Ramones style gang mentality too and a nod is given to the times when the New York punks sang about wanting to be your boyfriend.

It’s yet another Top of the Pops single from those at Spaghetty Town Records; a label that have clogged up my review pile of late with killer 45 after killer 45. Put your thumbs in the belt loops on your denim jeans and take to the discotheque dance floor as Faz Waltz are here to put the fun, fun, fun back in rock ‘n’ roll. Ginge Knievil

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