Faz Waltz – Grown Up Guy 7” (Wanda Records / Spaghetty Town Records)

Recently premiered on Rodney Bingenheimer’s show for Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Grown Up Guy is the latest 7” offering from Italian bovver boys, Faz Waltz. Taken from their seventh album, which is due to land in April 2020, is it business as usual for this trio of tykes? You bet your wooly tank top and bellbottomed corduroy slacks. Get those space hoppers at the ready, now!

Grown Up Guy is a slice of classic Faz La Rocca song-writing. It’s the 1970s stomp of UK glam rock mixed with a healthy dose of the awesome Cheap Trick. The vocals hark back to a tamed Noddy Holder doing the Ballroom Blitz with Robin Zander. It’s a tried and tested formula for Faz Waltz, but hey, if it ain’t broke and all that.

Just like the good old days, B-side C’mon Liar won’t appear on the upcoming LP. Faz Waltz do things the proper way. The track shuffles with a guitar hook straight from the Chapman and Chinn school of hard knocks. Like a can of Top Deck shandy alongside a box of candy cigarettes, it complements the A-side perfectly.

Faz Waltz can do no wrong. They’re a band that play to their strengths and who can fault them for that. The Cantù threesome never fail to slap a smile on my ageing punk rock face. I didn’t get to experience glam rock first-hand (yeah, I know, I had a tough paper round), but luckily Faz Waltz are out there for me to live out my glittery platform shoed rock ‘n’ roll dreams. Never change, Faz Waltz. Never change. Ginge Knievil

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