Fatal Blow – Victimized (Mad Butcher Records)

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Losing a legend like Roddy Moreno from your ranks would be a pretty big deal for any band; but Cardiff S.H.A.R.P. Hooligans Fatal Blow refused to call it a day. Instead they recruited former Greazy Rat Nidge Downs on bass and proceeded to carry on as if nothing had happened. On ‘Victimized’, their second album, the band kick things off with the anthemic ‘Spirit of 69’ which pretty much encapsulates the bands political and musical stance in one song. Given the lads background there’s undoubtedly a strong Oppressed influence on tracks like ‘Riot Riot’ and ‘The Man in the Suit’ with its scathing attack on tax dodging Tory boys, but they also pay homage to another one of their influences with a brash take on the Blitz classic ‘Warriors’, with Down’s bass sounding like it could deck Jacob Rees-Mogg at 30 paces, such is it’s ferocity. ‘No Nazi Skins’ ups the ante speed wise – almost getting into old school Hardcore territory, but the vocals and chants of Oi (shocker) keep its DM boots firmly grounded in the band’s Street Punk roots. If you like traditional Oi with a healthy dose of Anti Fascism, then this is right up your alleyway. The vinyl release comes with the album on CD and includes the band’s boss-tidy first album ‘Hope Not Hate’ as a bonus – so well worth picking up, especially as it comes in luvverly red vinyl format for you record collecting types. Conan Troutman

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