Face To Face – Live In A Dive (Fat Wreck)

I’ve got a confession to make. Apart from their debut album, Don’t Turn Away, and the covers record, Standards and Practices, they released, I know next to nothing about Face To Face. Nada, Zilch. Zip. While I dig the aforementioned albums, I’m kind of at a loss as far as the rest of their, quite sizeable, back catalogue is concerned so I sort of wandered into listening to their entry in the Live In A Dive series with a whole load of “Well, let’s see what they’ve got then”attitude.

As it turns out, they’ve got quite a lot.  Recorded in front of an audience who clearly adore Face To Face and who the band feel the same way about, Live In A Dive is a frantic charge through what would appear to be, and with good reason, a brace of firm, fan favourites. Energetic and catcher than a catchy thing on its catchiest day, Live In A Dive is the sound of a band who are absolutely in their element on stage and who love what they do almost as much as the folks who turned out to see them for this show do. This is what live records should be all about, a band and their fans having the time of their lives. Bravo Face To Face, bravo… Tim Cundle

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