Endorphins Lost – Seclusions (From the Head of Zeus)

I’ve bumped heads with Endorphins Lost before. It was a fantastic experience, one that I’ve never forgotten and I’m more than a little relieved and happy to report that the second time around is even better. Combining ferocious grind, with a sliver of power violence and frantic, anger driven, lightning quick Hardcore, Endorphins Lost have channelled all of their rage and energy into Seclusions, and boy oh boy, it sounds incredible.  Imagine Spazz after a three week caffeine binge, and you’ll be in the Endorphins Lost ballpark, which believe me, is a wonderful place to hang out in. I’ve spent all day there, and I’ll probably spend tomorrow there too, because I’m having a blast just kicking back and thrashing out with Seclusions. Come join me and slam the day away… Tim Cundle

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