Eat the Turnbuckle – The Great American Bash Your Head In EP (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

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Ooohhhhhh yeah, here we go folks, get ready for a slobber-knocker of an anything goes, no holds barred, last band standing showdown of fast, brutal, smash your head in with a steel chair, hard as nails, bouncing off razor wire and being slammed through the tables HC. Hitting like Extreme Noise Terror facing NRSV in a death match tag team contest for the Biggest, Baddest Motherfuckers in the Room World Championship, Eat the Turnbuckle are the Hardcore equivalent of sitting in the front row to watch the early days of ECW in Philly and CZW’s bloodiest, goriest spectaculars. They are absolutely relentless, unforgiving, uncompromising and they are, without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely incredible. Mass Movement 3:16 says Eat the Turnbuckle just whipped my ass and that’s the bottom line, ‘cos the Turnbuckle boys said so. Woooooooooooo! Tim Cundle


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