Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss (A Melody Malone Mystery)

Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss

Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss (A Melody Malone Mystery) – Read by Alex Kingston – CD / Download (AudioGo
You remember Melody Malone right? The Phillip Marlowe-esque alter ego of River Song from ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ and the, at first but not so much later on, mysterious pulp author whose book played a central role in Amy and Rory’s final adventure with The Doctor. In ‘The Angel’s Kiss’ , Melody finds herself, after agreeing to protect the most famous screen actor working on the East Coast, Rock Railton, entangled in a film studio engineered plot to make sure that it’s two leading stars never grow old, never age, and maintain their box office appeal, and thus the studio’s profits rolling in for eternity. But eternity is an awfully long time, and time is a funny thing, especially when Melody Malone (aka River Song) gets involved in all its machinations and inner workings and after nearly falling prey to the lascivious head of the studio and his goons, she discovers the true identity of the “evil genius” (oh come on, there’s always an evil genius at work behind the scenes in pulp detective novels) behind the studio’s plan, the face behind the curtain who has been manipulating everything in order to fulfil their own vile agenda. And, you know what, given the title and the fact that it’s a Melody Malone mystery, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out who, or more accurately what, the “big bad” is. That said, ‘The Angel’s Kiss’ is a lot of fun, and even though Alex Kingston’s accent is a little jarring at first, given Melody’s profession and the time and place in which the story is set (but then, that might be due to me spending too much time pouring over the pages of Raymond Chandler and Rex Stout novels), it soon becomes irrelevant as you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. And kids, it really is one heck of a ride, so buckle up buttercup because things are going to get rough and there’s only one dame who can save the day, the detective that everyone calls when the bullets fly and the chips are down. Melody Malone… Tim Mass Movement

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