Doctor Who: Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Timelord Verse – Written by James Goss & Illustrated by Russell T. Davies (BBC Books)

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I cannot think of anything worse,

Than reviewing books comprised of verse,

I do not know what I should do,

As I’m not a fan of Winnie the Pooh.


So I take a look, my face a sneer,

And surprise surprise, (now this is queer),

I’m reading this without a niggle,

Indeed, these poems are making me giggle!


These rhymes don’t have a bear named Pooh,

They’re about a chap called Doctor Who!

With pictures I could watch for ages,

Drawn by (that tall chap) Russell T Davies.


Here’s a poem about bow ties,

Eleven loves these (I don’t know why),

But the rhyme is written to look like a tie,

Bow ties are cool! (I now know why).


And here’s a story about Harriet Jones,

I thought the Daleks had zapped her bones,

She managed to leg it and ran away,

So she can be PM one day!


James Goss, I admit, your poems are Ace,

They tell great stories of time and space,

So buy this book, it’s loads of fun

But if you’re a Dalek…basically…RUN!

Bex Ferriday

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