Doctor And The Crippens – Raphanadosis

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Doctor And The Crippens – Raphanadosis (Boss Tuneage) CD
I remember seeing this band years ago with the exploding cabbages (which were a H&S risk as I got hit in the face with a piece), didn’t really know much about the band but visually they were entertaining.
This 37 track CD is a compilation of probably all their material including Peel sessions. I get a lot of American thrash influence with most of the songs. Very short and fast tracks as nearly all are around the 2 minute mark. There’s definitely a MDC influence with them. Even though they are thrashy it doesn’t mean that there is no tune at all, far from it, some tunes sounds excellent and very well played and believe me it’s quite hard to play so fast and hold a good tune. I can’t remember them being this good when I saw them but some of these songs are fantastic, furious and my word they are fast!!
The Peel sessions are a little rough around the edges but still great and a funny version of Blitzkreig Bop from the North Atlantic Noise Attacks Comp.
This is a must own for any fans of the late 1980’s UK hardcore punk scene. Paul Hoddy

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