Digits – Footprints & Embers


Digits – Footprints & Embers MCD (DIY)
Billed as one for fans of the likes of Glassjaw, Deftones or Reuben, these are all bands I\’ve not been remotely interested in, so I\’m treading new territory here! At the end of the day modern post-hardcore is often a play of balancing crushing heaviness with fragile melody. This is exactly Digits\’ game, as they switch from a big driving wall of guitar to clean sounds that help build the mood and atmosphere. For me it is the softer sounds at which they excel, and the EP closing tune \”Eros\” works really well, with a strong vocal performance and delicate melodies that pave the way for a driving finish. This track stands head and shoulders above the others for me as it is inventive and catchy. The earlier songs are also well written, but at times sound a little like they are written to please a captive audience, and I am not so much a fan of the screamed vocals that sound a little forced at times. A promising record and in \”Eros\” hopefully an indication of some great things to come. Tom Chapman

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