Dealing With Damage – Ask the Questions (Little Rocket)

Whatever past ills and misfortunes Dealing With Damage are finding their own ways to cope with have provided them with the musical fuel and inspiration to craft a collection of surprisingly immediate, intimate and energetic punk rock sing-a-longs. A testament to the belief that anger and pain can be highly effective tools for war, Ask the Questions is a multi-generational call to arms that every disenfranchised and disaffected punk rocker who believes that tomorrow can be better than today, if only they could find a way to change the world, can find, and take, solace in.

Taking their cues from a wide generation of sources , namely the exponents of DC’s post Revolution Summer scene (Fugazi, Grey Matter and Three to name but a few), the more melodic bands of the late eighties UKHC explosion (take a bow HDQ and Leatherface), some of the original ’77 era hooligans (is that the Adverts and the UK Subs I can hear?) and a brace f sixtie acts like the Kinks and the Who, with Ask the Questions, Dealing With Damage have claimed their place at the top of the new-fangled 20’s, homegrown, post-Brexit punk rock scene. And it’s kind of nice to know that while everything else is going to shit, at least we can still depend on bands like Dealing With Damage to provide some brief respite from the chaos and comfusion. Tim Cundle


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