Dayshifter – Hopeful // Regretful (Dayshifter)


Powered by the same sort of metallic Hardcore chaos as Misery Signals and Converge, and existing somewhere in the space between both, Dayshifter are a relentless juggernaut locked in overdrive that rolls onward ever onward consuming all in its path. Sure I could use a barrage of semi-descriptive terms like crushing, pounding and devastating, but you cats are all pretty switched on and tuned in and as such have probably figured out that they’re all part of Dayshifter’s mission statement and that the only thing that this band really want to do is reap, rend, tear, kill and destroy. And having experienced the sheer, brutal musical force of Hopeful //Regretful, I’m a believer, and know that they do all of those things incredibly well and that just like Chuck Norris, they’re very good at what they do. Embrace the pain… Tim Cundle

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