Cryptocracy #1 – Van Jensen & Pete Woods (Dark Horse Comics)


I love a good conspiracy and this debut issue delivers page after page of it. There is definitely a feel of the X-Files in the level of said conspiracy, but the way the story is told couldn’t be more different. Rather than having us consider the possibilities of what is going on, we are shown the truth of it all from the outset which places the reader in an interesting position. Our world as we’ve known it has been manipulated by Nine Families who pull the strings from the shadows and manipulate societies to serve their own goals. There’s no subtle beginnings for this story and Jensen throws you hurtling into his world of secrecy and manipulations from the first page. The story is already deeply complex and yet manages to flow perfectly without any stumbles. Woods line work and colour palettes are on point bringing this book to life. Could this become another comic adaptation for the small or big screen somewhere down the line? Possibly (you heard it here first!). I see a lot of promise in this story and hope it stays the course to become a successful book in the future… Drew Hamley

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