Crobot – Something Supernatural


Crobot – Something Supernatural CD (Nuclear Blast)
Take a record for what it is. Put it on, and listen… does it please you? Well fuck yer Crobot will, if you dig good vibes, if you dig good tunes, if you dig real rock. ‘Something Supernatural’ is crammed full of grooves, heavy blues, and… errrr… supernatural tunes – naturally unpolished and honest, but sounding so big; and for so many songs. Brandon Yeagley does show strong Miles Kennedy resemblances, and without mentioning Wolfmother and Rival Sons touches, there is an esteem of sincere rock supremacy cultivated within the eleven tunes of classic ‘trip’ rock we encounter here. Crobot’s sound may well get unethically lumped in with all things retro, but they offer far more than that, it’s a contemporary take on rock ‘n’ roll with excellent songs and fantastic production. To say tunes like ‘La Mano De Lucifer’ or ‘Skull Of Geronimo’ rock, is purely an understatement; ‘Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer’ actually sums up the album pretty well. Now 2014 is going to be a vintage year for releases, and ‘Something Supernatural’ will be amongst all that as it’s 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s soundtrack is rolled into one big bifta! Mark Freebase

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