Cro-Mags– From the Grave 7” (Victory Records)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, love him or hate him, there’s no denying Cro-Mags frontman Harley Flanagan’s talent for writing a badass track and he’s proved it once again, with three more tracks on From The Grave. Inspired by the claim that “Lemmy came to me in a dream and said ‘Take it back mate, it’s yours, you started it,” From The Grave is another lesson in how to put together a badass hardcore record.

Opening track From The Grave is nothing short of ferocious. Rocky George peeling one of those old school Suicidal Tendencies riffs off like it ‘aint no thing, while Harley’s unmistakeable vocal style barks all over it. Continuing the Motorhead connection, Harley’s roped in his old pal Phil Campbell to lend some guitar licks, which is evident on PTSD-another stormer of a track which bangs along at a hundred miles an hour and features Campbell’s trademark guitar scream towards the end. It’s then we come to the final track Between Wars, which is an absolutely beautiful instrumental with a funky beat over the top of it, but I’m finding it a stretch to accept it on a Cro-Mags record.

So two great tracks and one dud, but the thing to take away from this record is that Harley still has the fire, still has the rage and most importantly still has the ability to write great Cro-Mags songs and he’s out there busting his ass, keeping the Mags alive. And for that we are truly thankful… Chris Andrews

From the Grave is released on December 6th. Pre-order it here

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