CRIM – Sense Excuses 7\” (Pirates Press/ Contra/ Tesla)

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This band is the discovery of the year for me already! Having never heard them before I was lucky enough to catch them live in Marseille, France a short while ago, and they won me over on the spot and before I knew it I was at their merch stall buying up all the music they had available. Well lo and behold, after listening to their two albums on constant rotation the next chapter of the CRIM story is already written and recorded and comes in shape of this tasty four song EP. Side one contains two brand new tunes that carry on in the original style they have developed, taking elements of Cock Sparrer, Social Distortion and Leatherface, dropping husky vocals sung in Catalan into the mix and creating a fantastic sound. Side two is where the party kicks in, with CRIM banging out a couple of Turbonegro and Cock Sparrer classics, in their own fashion. Do yourselves a favour and get on board with CRIM as soon as you can, as this is definitely a band that is going places. Tom Chapman

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