Corrective Measure – Corrective Measure 7” (Atomic Action! Records / Refuse Records)


Remember how you felt the first time you heard a proper, good old fashioned, balls to the wall, lightning quick HC record? How the breakdowns melded seamlessly with the urgency and speed of the music, how the barked, rapid fire vocals knocked you for six and the buzzsaw riffing and super-tight rhythm section hit you smack in the middle of the chest like a ten pound sledgehammer? And how, almost before you knew what was happening, it was all over and all you could think about was listening to it again and again and again? You do? Good, because this explosive seven inch brings all of that rushing back and makes you feel like it\’s the first time all over again. Fusing Negative Approach, SSD, Cops & Robbers and SFA into an extraordinary musical narrative, Corrective Measure are a rabid, howling monster, here to slay everything and everyone who stands in their way on the path to Hardcore glory.  Incredible… Tim Cundle

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