Corinth (Days of Wonder)

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Ever wondered what it was like to be a trader and merchant in Corinth before the birth of Christ? Or what it was like to ply your wares in the ancient Mediterranean port, competing with your fellow  businessmen for coin, wealth and position?  You have? Good, then Corinth is the fast paced, fun game that brings all of that and more to life that you never knew you needed but almost certainly want.

A dice and character / tally sheet based game that’s played over the course of eighteen turns, Corinth allows players to compete for gold, livestock and goods via die roles and by trading “gold” to send their merchant’s steward / representative into the market to acquire extra stock and wealth. The rules are simple, easy to learn and incredibly straight forward and ensure that the game is snappy, energetic and encourages players to attempt to out manoeuvre each other while pushing them to gather as many points as possible through the careful acquisition of a combination of wealth and trading goods.

With a point system based on and around gold, goats and goods, Corinth cleverly assigns different values to each which means that each turn is based on sharing available die roles between all three, while using wealth to build property and gain influence in the market through the steward. It sounds more complicated than it is, and having an incredibly simplistic rule system means that even the newest of gaming newbies can become a mercantile master of ancient Corinth in less turns than it takes to gain a gaggle of goats and spend all of your gold on a fruitless venture destined to bring ruin down upon you. Who knew history could be this much fun? Let trading commence… Tim Cundle

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