Connard – Somos Pocos Pero Locos (Disagree/ Hardside)

This is the debut release from Mexico\’s Connard and in some circles this is highly anticipated. I was actually expecting this to be more metallic, but rather than heading down the Slayer route, Connard scale things back and pursue a route that is hard and heavy without tipping into long-haired territory. These six songs are loaded with groove and power, and are designed to be listened to on repeat. Take the crushing power of Integrity or Die Hard, and blend that with the street sounds of Madball or Unfit and you\’re getting close to what Connard delivers. A hard-as-nails combination of uptempo hardcore that drops into crushing breakdowns – a songwriting combination designed to please the pit worldwide.

I\’ve seen rehearsal footage of these vatos where they jam some Leeway riffs and it is evident that they have their roots deep in the hardcore scene and so have a lot of inspiration to draw on. Now that I\’ve mentioned the roots it\’s time to explain why I was expecting great things from this release. Firstly the record labels involved have been responsible for putting out a huge number of killer French hardcore releases over the years, and both names have been resurrected especially for Connard\’s demo. And the circle is complete when I mention that this is David from Stormcore\’s new outfit. Years down the line and one continent later, the spirit of the KDS crew is still down with the crew, and sounding better than ever. Tom Chapman

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