Comeback Kid – Outsider (Nuclear Blast)

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Comeback Kid have always been one of those bands who existed on my musical periphery. Sure, I’ve seen them a couple of times and they always brought their A-game to the sweaty, finger pointing, pit dominated clubs that I saw them in. And yeah, I’ve been known to spin Turn It Around, Wake the Dead and Broadcasting every now and then, but despite all of that, they’ve always been one of those bands that exist on the edge of my daily, weekly and monthly go-to-must-play Hardcore diet. Thing is, if you were to ask me why, I couldn’t tell you because they’re a great band. Their patented brand of slightly more metallic Sick Of It All with a sprinkling of American Nightmare style Hardcore never disappoints and their eighth record, Outsider, delivers everything that you could ever want it to and more and will doubtless make the faithful ecstatic with joy while dragging a legion of new fans into the into the CK fold. Who knows, maybe this will be the record that makes Comeback Kid a constant in my life. Eight might just be their magic number … Tim Cundle

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