Collision – Immortels 7” (Une Vie Pour Rien)

I’ve got a soft spot for anything “Made in Nantes” so I was looking forward to hearing this 7” from these guys and I’m not disappointed. Collision sit somewhere between street-wise oi! music and power-pop, much like bands like Vanilla Muffins did years ago. The Oi! connection could largely be attributed to two factors. Firstly and fairly obvious – UVPR records really is the go-to name for French streetpunk, so that’s something of a guarantee for quality.

Secondly Collision go for those little guitar melodies all over the place that Cock Sparrer introduced to the genre. Beyond that though, these two songs feature catchy verses that build up to big choruses, with stacks of backing vocals. They have a nice clean guitar sound that bangs out some solid rock’n’roll riffs, backed up by a solid bass and drum rhythm section, and the vocals sung in French add a touch of the rare & exotica to it all. A great single which is hopefully a sign of much more to come. Tom Chapman

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