Capital Enemy – Knowledge Of The Wicked (1054 Records)

It is not a secret that Australia is not only a paradise for surfers, backpackers and any other dropouts but it‘s also home to many grea,t heavy bands. Especially Melbourne, which seems to be a wellspring of hard bands like.Crowned Kings, Samsara and Outsiders Code.  And, of course, Capital Enemy.

Capital Enemy play mid-tempo metallic hardcore or, if you prefer, oldschool Metalcore that crushes the audience like a heavy tank and leaves nothing behind except destruction.

What Capital Enemy do might not be anything new, but their agression and anger are genuine which increases Knowledge of the Wicked‘s power and makes it feel authentic.

You would‘nt think that Knowledge Of The Wicked is their debut fulll length as they sound so mature and have everything locked in tight. Almost as if they‘ve been in the business for a decade or more instead of the four years that they’ve actually been around. Recommended.  Joe K


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