Burn – … From The Ashes EP (Bridge Nine)

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New York City rises from the ashes. With their debut EP in 1991, Burn shone brightly in the hardcore world before moving onto other things (amongst others Orange 9mm, Die 116, Quicksand). In my opinion they had a unique sound that captured the heaviness of the earlier generations of NYHC but as with peers such as Rorschach or Born Against they weren\’t easily filed away and categorised. Burn fused a variety of sounds and styles and to this day their early recordings sound unique and as fresh today as they did back then. Their recent reunion shows have by all accounts been very successful, which all builds the anticipation – it\’s normally not that hard to put a live set together and relive the glories of the past, but actually writing new songs? Well I am glad to say that this is a fully successful return to form. Vocalist Chaka has retained his unique impassioned vocal delivery, and long-standing partner Gavin delivers the crunch in fine style. New rhythm section Manuel Carrero (Stillsuit, Glassjaw, Saves the Day) and Durijah Lang (Glassjaw, Saves the Day, Classic Case) fit the mould perfectly – you can hear that they don\’t just play, but they really understand what the Burn sound is. Their style was always built upon layers of instrumentation and vocals that intertwine beautifully, and this new record is no exception. Exceptional! Tom Chapman


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