Bromure – S/T LP (Une Vie Pour Rien)

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A debut 7″ announced the arrival of this band last year which we wrote about and it was a promise of great things to come. Well that time is now as Bromure have released their debut album and it easily fulfils those expectations and then some. To begin with the packaging is a stylish black and white affair and that sets the tone for the music. Also worth noting the band’s logo appears to be inspired by the iconic Paris Metro sign – a tribute to their hometown and the good and bad that comes with it. Picking up on where the EP left off, what sets these guys and girl apart is their use of the saxophone as the instrument that carries the main melody throughout the songs. That is the factor that brings together the album cover and logo for me, as I can remember walking though the dark dirty tunnels of the Paris Metro in the 70s and ever since then having the haunting sounds of the saxophones from street musicians accompanying me on the journey. Likewise, these songs are grimy and on the whole pretty dark, with that saxophone echoing throughout. There is a big nod to the roots of French oi! on here and that was/ is a really unique sound and pretty different to the UK/ US bands. Fans of Camera Silens, Komintern Sect etc will feel right at home with this record, but modern bands like Kronstadt or Syndrome 81 and also Bromure are building on that sound, pushing its boundaries and making it their own. Just as certain smells or sights can help to remind you of moments in time, this album takes me back to an older version of the city of Paris, and it is most definitely a time to remember. Tom Chapman

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