Broken Cross – Militant Mistanthrope (Apocalyptic Visions)

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Are you the sort of person who finds comfort in bludgeoning thrash riffs? Who knows that happiness can only be found in the power of the mosh and that the true knowledge lies in knowing that pits travel counter-clockwise, that it is possible to hand spring off a stage and the real reason PA stacks are that high is solely so that you can dive off them? Of course you are, that’s why you’re reading this and it’s also why you’re going to love Broken Cross.  These cats bring a ton of Hardcore energy to their flawlessly and precisely executed, slam fuelled thrash that draws its inspiration from Ghoul, GWAR, The Accused,  early Death and Necrophagia LxAx.  If Chopper Read had been made of solid adamantium he wouldn’t have been half as hard as Militant Misanthrope is, and he would have wept with joy as he surrendered himself totally to its crossover power. Thrash hard, thrash well and let Broken Cross guide you to crossover paradise… Tim Cundle

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