Boycott the Baptist – Did You Just Assume My Beverage? (Boycott)


Oh lordy lordy, those cheeky grinding Hardcore chaps Boycott the Baptist are at it again, and have dropped another eighteen tracks of full speed ahead captain, power violence meets eighties UKHC lunacy on an unsuspecting, and in most cases underserving, scene. It’s business as usual with these lunatics, as they throw caution to the wind with their nudge, nudge, wink, wink, humour laden HC and go all out to tear the faces off anyone who comes within twenty feet of this rather spiffing and highly enjoyable slam happy monster. A fellow could get used to hearing a new LP from Boycott the Baptist every year or so, and I just hope they can maintain their wonderful madness and keep cranking out records that are as good as Did You Just Assume My Beverage? Jolly good stuff… Tim Cundle

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