Bitchin Bajas announce new album \’Bajas Fresh\’

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Bitchin Bajas announce new album, Bajas Fresh which will be released by Drag City 17th November.

It\’s been over three years since the last proper Bitchin Bajas album – a natural paradise of woodwinds, droning organs, analog synths, field recordings, and an ever-expanding sense of more (and less). In between then and now came a series of collaborative LPs, and each time these varied external stimuli came into contact with the Bitchin Bajas\’ achromatic process, it left the group with expanded perimeters to traverse.

This time around the pursuit is still the same: a perfect continuous flow. The means to attain it are in full, fluid transition, woven into the strands that unspool so peacefully. The use of percussion and even drumkit is evident for the first time ever. Plus a horn section, a cover song….but Bajas Fresh is not some kind of whole-cloth change, after all, the nature of equilibrium around Bitchin Bajas is such that new properties tend to melt into the surrounding texture, providing vivid sonics without uprooting the mindset. And they do.

On Bajas Fresh, the cellular system of Bitchin Bajas continues to synthesise amid an externald ecosystem also of the Bajas\’ making, both growing naturally together into a state maybe not that far removed from its former incarnation, while still essaying refreshing new tones for new zones. Succulent half-speed mastering done at Abbey Road gives the LP pressing greater depth, extension and resonance than all previous Bajas incarnations, but the 2xCS version of course promises its own unique experience.

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