Bevar Sea – Invoke The Bizarre

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Bevar Sea – Invoke The Bizarre CD (The Mighty Riff)
Although the band name doesn\’t really give the game away, the name of the label certainly points you in the right direction. With a sound based on riffs of mammoth proportions, Bangalore, India\’s Bevar Sea take you on a stoner/ doom metal journey of epic proportions on this new album. The doom genre is a tricky one – whilst it is really easy to throw a couple of Sabbath-esque riffs into a blender and come up with a half-decent set of tunes, the challenge is to take that sound and create something original and unique and I\’m glad to say Bevar Sea have done a great job. Whilst acknowledging the old masters of the genre, there are also nods to the likes of High On Fire and Cathedral on here as they pack together all that is slow and heavy. A monstrous riff-fest from start to finish. Tom Chapman

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