Bedemon – Child Of Darkness


Bedemon – Child Of Darkness CD (Relapse)
Here is one of the originators of American heavy metal, or even if you wish to push the boundaries… doom metal! The track ‘Frozen Fear’ delivers such a heavy duty bass rumble it will ask the question how such a sound was possible in the 70’s. The tantalising pitch of vocals from Bobby Liebling, the timing and expression as he layers the words amongst huge riffs and intertwining solos – Bedemon has nothing but metal written all over it. ‘Child Of Darkness’ is fifteen tunes of tonnage! The pounding intro of ‘Serpent Venom’ carries comparison to an erupting volcano, it is that immense. Bedemon comes from a time when bands created and didn’t try to ‘sound like’, it was natural progression, and this record is the very roots. Fans of Sabbath, Pentagram, and Saint Vitus will lap this up as it pleasingly carries an undeniable 70’s vibe due to the way the songs are delivered. With an album cover that looks like it comes straight from a horror movie ‘Child Of Darkness’ only confirms the fact that this music might be deemed as evil by some… but boy is it good! Mark Freebase

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