Bad Cop/ Bad Cop – Not Sorry

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Bad Cop/ Bad Cop – Not Sorry LP/ CD (Fat Wreck)
OK guys it\’s like this. This is like one of those \”my dog ate my homework\” stories, but every word is true. So we have recently taken in a rescue kitten. She is a beautiful creature and very good natured. Often she minds her own business, but every now and then when she wants a bit of attention, she demands it. I had just about finished typing up my review of this Bad Cop/ Bad Cop album, mentioning the fact that I had enjoyed their debut 7\” also on Fat Wreck, and that you might have also heard vocalist Stacey as she takes the lead female role on Fat Mike\’s \”Home Street Home\” musical. I had talked about how this very melodic piece of punk rock manages to inject just enough bitterness into proceedings to counter the poppy saccharine flavour. I will have gone on to state how the vocals somehow remind me of Dance Hall Crashers, albeit in a more punk less ska scenario. I would have finished off by saying that I could have done with this being rougher round the edges and less polished, this is nonetheless a fine punk rock Summer album, up to the usual Fat Wreck standard. However before hitting save, dear kittie decided to walk across the keyboard, shutting down word, booting me off the broadband, switching off the sound, and enabling the on-screen keyboard. However I\’m sure even the members of Bad Cop/ Bad Cop will have seen how sweet she looked as she danced on the keys wiping out all my hard work, and will be in full comprehension as to why my review for their album and its lack of content, is made up for with the cuteness of my sorry tale. Thanks guys! Tom Chapman

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