Backfire! – Where We Belong (Strength)

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Dutch hardcore band Backfire! has been a companion over the past twenty years, during the whole time I was actively involved in the music scene. I interviewed the lads, put on shows for them, and was honoured to having my liner notes included in the \’Through Bitter Eyes\’ compilation. How appropriate to make this review of \’Where We Belong\’ the final review I\’ll be writing for Mass Movement. I have experienced about the same ups and downs Backfire! has and have found comfort in both the fact that I am not alone, and more importantly the hard-­hitting songs that have pulled me through several times. The band\’s new label Strength records couldn\’t have been better chosen, as that specific label has taken the task of bringing the older European hardcore bands back to the barricades. That\’s where they belong. On this ep the band really embraces the old school tighter than ever giving a brutal interpretation of early Madball and Agnostic Front. All seven songs are anger-filled anthems to an increasingly violent world, and testament to the fact Backfire! never has and never will compromise. My days in music are gone, but hopefully Backfire! will continue for a few more years. Martijn Welzen


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