Back Breaker – By Any Means Necessary 7” EP (Self Released)


Don’t know too much about these guys other than that they’re a four piece RASH band from Ontario, Canada. Kicking off <ahem> with Boot Boys it’s on the catchy side of the Oi sound with a little bit of Bouncing Souls in the mix (Okay, Okay – no more footwear related references).

The Ontarian’s lay their cards firmly on the table on Anti-Fascist Oi and Pull the Trigger– musically and lyrically a definite nod to SHARP pioneers The Oppressed. With ‘Union Made’ and ‘Guilty’ completing the EP it’s good to see the SHARP banner being flown in the land of Maple Syrup and Moosehead Lager. Cheers Gents. Conan Troutman

Order By Any Mean Necessary and find out more about Back Breaker here

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