Armada – Bandeira Negra LP (Pirates Press/ Hearts Bleeds Blue)

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For some 20 years, a Brazilian punk band named Blind Pigs banged out a series of albums and earned themselves the reputation of being \”Brazil\’s answer to Rancid\”. Sadly a couple of years ago a key band member passed away and so the band found themselves unable to continue. However the remaining four musicians realised had unfinished business and so they regrouped under the name Armada taking on a new shipmate and so the next vessel for their musical odyssey was launched. If Blind Pigs were known as a streetpunk band, Armada have expanded those musical horizons and taken inspiration from far and wide to create an excellent album. These 17 songs are crammed full of catchy melodies, ranging from folky shanties to fist-in-the-air full throttle punk rock. A lot of this reminds me of Face To Face and at times they roll out some big NOFX chorus-lines with harmonies galore. They aren\’t afraid to throw in some rock\’n\’roll guitarlines, even reaching for the ukelele or the organ when the song demands it. There\’s a lot to listen to on here so put the album on, close your eyes and drift off on the journey that the good ship Armada takes you. Tom Chapman

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