Anthrax – Chile On Hell


Anthrax – Chile On Hell (Nuclear Blast)
You can almost immediately recognize if a live album by any metal band is recorded in South America or not. Our metal brothers from that continent, not only sing along with the words, but also with every riff and solo. It must be amazing for any band to get that sort of reception. Megadeth \’That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires\’ and Maiden \’Rock In Rio\’ spring to mind, and can be counted among my favourite live recordings. Chile, and its capital Santiago, it no different. From the first song, \’Among the Living\’ it\’s all systems go, with a great sound and amazing atmosphere. The audience totally becomes a part of Anthrax, whose set list is nothing short of a \’best of\’, with choice selections from everything this band has recorded with Belladona. Truth be said as this is a review of the cd I am missing quite a lot of what Anthrax actually is… a celebration of metal in sound and vision. Martijn Welzen

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