Airstream Futures – Le Feu Et Le Sable (Little Rocket)

Well the gods were smiling on me the day I first came across Airstream Futures. A little late-night YouTube session helped me discover this incredible Chicago band a while back and well, wouldn\’t you know, they were touring and playing near me just a couple of weeks later. Fate and all that eh?! One year on, and Little Rocket have treated us to this second album of theirs and I got a pre-order placed as soon as I got wind of this. I am pleased to say my anticipation has been rewarded and then some, as Airstream Futures have banged out an absolute killer of an album. For the record, AF feature Jeff and Mike from The Bomb and basically they could have recorded a fart, released it on record and I would have loved it. Fortunately (for me) there\’s no flatulence on here, just a penchant for writing melodies that grab your heartstrings and don\’t let go from start to finish.

One of the things I love about some of the Chicago bands is the ability to write incredibly inventive vocal lines that take you on musical twists and turns. This is something that AF excel at, as singer Devon invites you onto her lyrical journey. I don\’t know if you remember bands such as Junction or Samuel but this has a similar vibe – passionate music that is crowned with soaring vocal melodies that I can\’t get enough of. If that wasn\’t enough to convince you – well the album is good enough for Mr Frankie Stubbs to also have got involved and added some backing vocals. Coloured vinyl versions are highly limited and going fast so don\’t snooze on this one if you are in any way, shape or form a fan of driving melodic Chicago punk rock! Tom Chapman

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