Adrenaline – Adrenaline (Flatspot Records)

With three members of Baltimore heavyweights Queensway in their ranks, they obviously feel the need to step away from the heavy side of things every now and again and that’s where Adrenaline comes in. In fact their debut E.P, also called Adrenaline owes more to the likes of Quicksand, Shelter and Orange 9mm than it does to anything else.

 It’s a big departure from their day job, but the foursome were clear when they started out that they intended to buck the trend in current hardcore and they’ve achieved that quite nicely. That early to mid 90’s influence is prevalent throughout as abrasive staccato riffs are met by pinging snare and pinched harmonics all with a bit of Zack De La Rocha’s furious Inside Out  vocal style thrown in along with tons of that all important groove.

 Everything about Adrenaline screams the nineties at you including the sparse artwork and the boys have produced six songs the likes of which I haven’t heard since the heyday of the time that they so resolutely celebrate. If that was your particular brand of hardcore back in the day, then get into Adrenaline and fall in love all over again as these boys are doing it just as well, if not better than the bands who originally created that sound and scene…. Chris Andrews

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