ACID – self titled


ACID – self titled CD (HNE Recordings)
Vardis were always my favourite NWOBHM band. Iron Maiden ‘Piece Of Mind’ and its pre-releases, mid-eighties Motorhead (and before), they were great times and the music was rock solid. So how did I manage to miss out on ACID? This Belgium quintet create a sound so honest and captivating it’s a travesty of justice they didn’t escalate to become one of the real big heavy hitters. The ten tracks on this debut album are foot to the floor trad-metal. ‘Ghostriders’, ‘Hell On Wheels’, ‘Hooked On Metal’, ’Heaven’s Devils’, ‘Satan’… you get the picture? Tonnes of grease, sweat and dirty denim. Looking back at the pictures throughout the twelve-page booklet recreates vivid memories of a teenage past. Reading through the in-depth interview that fills so many of the pages, thankfully fills in what actually happened. The overall sound is powerful and concrete, not weedy and watered down, as so many of the 80s re-releases had unfortunately spawned. Acid may be considered a cult band now, but it never too late to experience their muscle. Mark Freebase

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