ACHE – Fade Away (Dead City)

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There was a time, back in the eighties, when NYHC really was hard. When its life blood was the urgency and the hustle of a city whose streets made you wise beyond your years, and whose energy and excitement made every note and every word resonate deep in your soul. You knew New York was a scary ass place just from listening to the bands, but the music was so freaking good that you didn’t care, you just wanted to be a part of that scene. And listening to Fade Away makes me feel like that all over again. It’s a frenzied, forceful violent and ugly monster that’s equal parts Outburst, Sons of Abraham, Breakdown and United Blood era Agnostic Front and it is absolutely incredible.  Ache have distilled the raw essence of the early New York scene into every second of this raging beast of a record, and dragged it kicking, screaming and slamming into the new millennium. Hot damn… Tim Cundle  

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