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You may not have heard of Accursed Creator unless you happen to live near their home in Pensacola, Florida. Luckily for me, not only do I live close by, I caught them opening for Soulfly (playing the Nailbomb album) at one of my favorite venues, Vinyl Music Hall. I only had the vaguest clue who AC were through a writer/photographer friend of mine (Kristina Wright) who is a friend of the band. That was enough. Accursed Creator stepped out on that stage and gave the audience everything they had and proved that you don’t have to be a world touring act to give a world class performance. If you like heavy fucking metal you need to check out Accursed Creator as soon as fucking possible.

Interview by Jim Dodge

Mass Movement: How long has Accursed Creator existed?

Accursed Creator: About 3 years.

MM: What influenced you to play such aggressive music?

Chelsea: I think heavy music just satiated internal feelings… whether it be anger, passion, sadness etc. I think it does that for a lot of people. The energy of it all. The intensity. And then as musicians, the technical aspect is mentally stimulating. There are so many sub genres… there\’s always something to choose from no matter the mood.

Taylor: We will live in shitty aggressive world so we reflect that by playing shitty aggressive music lol.

Nate: Because momma ain\’t raise no bitch.

MM: Is the current line-up the original line-up? Were there any difficulties finding dependable musicians?

AC:  Esteban Rojas (aka E) – bass , Derrick Javier – Guitar,  Taylor Tidwell – Guitar , Nate Flores (former Gutfucked) – Drummer and Chelsea Strickland – Vocals. We were lucky I suppose. We had a few different drummers and bassists in the beginning. After about a year in (give or take) we\’ve been able to keep the same members so far! Unless E gets tired of us lol!

MM: What’s the metal scene like in Pensacola?

AC: It has its ebbs and flows I feel. Hardcore is bigger here than most other heavy genres at the moment.

MM: Have you had many chances to play outside of Pensacola?

AC: Oh yeah absolutely. And we are branching out more often nowadays. We will be in Texas for Building Temples From Death Festival and a few other surprises coming soon!


MM: What’s the biggest show you’ve played so far?

AC: Probably when we played with the Black Dahlia Murder. Michigan Metal Fest was pretty huge too! Suffocation/Revocation was our favorite overall,  I think.

MM: If you had the chance to open for any band, who would you choose?

Chelsea:  Opeth, Fleshgod Apocalypse , Inferi, Goatwhore , Vader, or Bloodbath… too many to choose from. We\’ve already opened up for The Black Dahlia Murder. I think that was a huge one for all of us.

Nate:  Deeds of fucking Flesh (Deeds of Flesh) !! Suffocation was pretty huge for me though. 16 year old me was crying.

Taylor: Cannibal Corpse . I feel like that would be a milestone for us

MM: What do you think of Slayer’s decision to retire after the farewell tour?

AC: I don\’t know. They\’re older now…so I get their reasoning. But I honestly think they\’ll come back for a reunion haha.

 MM: Do you think the current state of the internet has helped you reach new audiences?

AC:  I think so! We\’re able to make connections all over the U.S. and in other countries! People in other countries have checked us out! How crazy is that?!

 MM: According to your Bandcamp page you have only released six songs so far. Is there any chance you will release a full-length album soon?

AC:  Absolutely. We plan on having a more extensive release by March. We are currently in the studio for it now.

MM: What kinds of surprises can your fans expect to see/hear from you in the near future?

Chelsea: More music for sure.. anything else I can\’t go into great detail for just yet! Keep your bholes peeled.

Find out more about, and keep up to date with, Accursed Creator here


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