Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool – Frank Tieri, Emily Lerner, Andrea Broccardo & Marcelo Ferreira (Marvel / Panini)


It’s the return match of this, and the last, century (and the one before that) that none of the humdrum crowd outside of the pages of four colour fandom even knew was happening, and if they did they’d probably explode or faint or whatever it is that “normal” folks do when they get excited, and the grudge match that all of us hip and happening cats and Wade fanatics have been stockpiling popcorn for. 

That’s right boys and girls, Wade and Cleetus, thanks to Spidey insisting his “best” chum check into a Ravenscroft (the best darn psychiatric facility there is) to get the help he needs and Ravenscroft having been taken over by Carnage who just happens to be suffering from a God complex that would dwarf every other God complex ever, go toe to toe again and their three issue slobber-knocker of a showdown is an absolute doozy with a capital D.

Ferreira brings his artistic A-Game to the table in Tieri’s twist and turn filled action packed, full of wise cracks story that\’s got enough no-way-didn’t-see-that-coming moments to make even the most non-dancing of can’t dance, won’t dance squares break out their best robot moves and get down with the imaginary electric boogaloo.  It is, as the Amish like to say, “A mighty fine barn”, even though it’s a comic. You dig what I’m (and the Amish are no doubt) saying though, right? Of course you do.

But that’s not all Deadpool fans, as included between the covers of this spectacular levelling up bonus of a book, is the first issue of Absolute Carnage vs Captain Marvel which is more than worth the price of admission on its own. Written by Emily Lerner (why haven’t I read more of whatever else it is that she’s written?) who just bounced straight into my ‘Top Ten Comic Scribes’ and illustrated by the always incredible Andrea Broccardo, it’s a two fisted tale in which Carol saves her cat and everyone else, overcomes her own insecurities and doubts and prepares to go to war with Carnage.

How can anyone pack so much story into so few pages? Don’t ask me, if I knew I’d be earning those Marvel big bucks. Which I’m not, so as I said, don’t ask me because I obviously don’t know. Lerner and Broccardo do though and they do it with style, grace and serve up a whole lot of bang for your buck in Absolute Carnage vs Captain Marvel.  All of this and Deadpool too? Sometimes life can be pretty sweet…  Tim Cundle

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