A Life Divided – Human

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A Life Divided – Human CD (AFM)
These German electro-rockers combine some heavy rhythms immersed completely amongst their set of melodious Rammstein meets Linkin Park soundscapes, touching at times in the waters of Type O Negative. Audibly assessable and oozing with commercial appeal the Munich based quintet will get coupled into a sound that could well see them reach widespread audiences. There is nothing much new on offer during ‘Human’, and it is a very contemporary sound, but what A Life Divided serves up is of a high standard. Although crammed full of rhythmic twists and turns many of the tracks actually induce a trance like emotion and during ‘Right Where I Belong’ this is incredibly emphasized. Even with plentiful guitars and splatterings of heavy rock, it is the commercial edges that shine through strongest with this band, so those hoping for some heavy metal probably won’t be too engrossed with ‘Human’. If it’s melodies and an alternative edge you crave then A Life Divided are worth checking out. Mark Freebase

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