Mass Movement 42

MM 42

That’s right folks, its Mass Movement time again!
Mass Movement #42 is available for free (that’s right, completely free, no catches or caveats) download from the link below. Featuring Ensiferum, Violent Arrest, Yorkshire Rats, Gruesome, Loyal Until Death, Evil Invaders, The Answer, Motor Sister, Denial Fiend plus all the usual features and columns and more. And it’s all FREE! What are you waiting for? Hit the link, download and enjoy…

Mass Movement # 42

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And, just in case you missed out on it, you can still get Mass Movement 37 for free…
Mass Movement #37 (Download here)

The Windowsill / Deecracks – Reconsider Fisto


The Windowsill / Deecracks – Reconsider Fisto 10” (Shield) Dutch band The Windowsill and Austrian band Deecracks join forces to make the continent know there’s still some good, old­-fashioned punkrock to be heard. Pretty decent punkrock at that. The Windowsill is sunny and brings four rays of light on any…


ENCYRCLE Releasing Debut on Unspeakable Axe Records.


Danish speed metallers ENCYRCLE will release their self-titled debut album June 2 on Unspeakable Axe Records. Check out New Noise Magazine’s exclusive stream of “Bloodbasker” at this location. ENCYRCLE is the kind of band that could make a true believer of even the most jaded modern metalhead. Hard-charging speed metal…


Ultron Unleashed! A New Lettered Look at AVENGERS: RAGE OF ULTRON OGN!


Two generations of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes rise to the challenge and come face-to-face with the Avengers greatest villain in AVENGERS: RAGE OF ULTRON, the can’t miss original graphic novel coming to comic shops and book stores this week! New York Times bestselling writer Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Force) re-teams…


Heidevolk – Velua


Heidevolk – Velua (Napalm) ‘Velua’, or Veluwe in Dutch, is one of the three major regions of Gelderland, the province which has brought forth Heidevolk. Veluwe is also the biggest forest/ woodland of the country. Just like most forests it has a mythical appeal to people. It is also a…