8.6 Crew – Green & White Ska 7\” (Une Vie Pour Rien)

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Despite the torrential rain pouring outside from a dark Autumn sky, a new record by Paris\’ ska outfit 8.6 Crew is guaranteed to bring a ray of sunshine into your day. I\’ve been listening to them for 20 years ever since their debut album dropped and they have never failed to deliver with every release. Green & White Ska is a sweet little three song affair that perfectly summarises their sound.

Opening up with the title track, this is one of those largely instrumental songs that introduce the main melody, keeping you bouncing along as the vocalist calls out the song title, One Step Beyond style. It\’s one of those tunes that lodges itself in your brain, and the only way to shake it out is to get your dancing shoes on and hit that dancefloor.

Moving onto Dire Stop, vocalist Charly takes centre stage as his vocal melodies trade off with the horn section, with a nice interlude on the Hammond organ to break things up. Wrapping up the record in traditional 8.6 Crew style, they unleash a beast of a dub version of an old tune, Yesterday I. Heavy heavy! I love this record, it’s like a final blast of Summer before the long, cold months ahead. Tom Chapman

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