40 years on, The Omega Factor is back in audiobook form…

Forty years on from the broadcast of the original series, a new audiobook from the world of The Omega Factor is out now.

Written by Natasha Gerson – daughter of the original The Omega Factor creator, Jack Gerson – Festival of Darkness is narrated by Louise Jameson.

Tom is supposed to be taking a break from the paranormal, but a plea from Anne draws him unwillingly back. Something is happening to a group of performers at the Edinburgh Festival – preternaturally talented children working closely with Department 7 – and even the usually unflappable Martindale is spooked.

Why is Tom so affected by the children\’s performances? Who stands to benefit from their bewitching talents? And what is the connection with the mysterious Morag, who has started haunting Tom’s dreams…?

Originally produced by BBC Scotland and aired on BBC One, The Omega Factor scared viewers and attracted criticism from famed moralist Mary Whitehouse for its sheer levels of terror.

A covert branch of British Intelligence is assigned to investigate the strange, the supernatural, the…\’Omega Factor\’. Journalist Tom Crane, who possesses psychic powers, joins Department 7, the secret government organisation which investigates paranormal phenomena.

Set in Scotland, The Omega Factor television series starred Louise Jameson as Anne Reynolds and the late James Hazeldine as Tom Crane. Big Finish revived the series on audio in 2015 making three box sets set in the modern day with Louise Jameson reprising her role of Anne (now a doctor), and John Dorney playing Adam Crane, the son of Tom.

Natasha Gerson said: “When I was a teenager in the 1970s, a little younger than Gill (one of the characters in Festival of Darkness) I was lucky enough to take part in shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. One was a student production of the ballet I mention in the story. At that time, the city and the Festival were atmospheric and thrilling and also – to me, my Father\’s daughter – really spooky! When we did some OB filming in Edinburgh for The Omega Factor, it reinforced these feelings. With those thoughts and memories in mind and the later development of the Big Finish audio series, I had my starting point for the novel.”

The Omega Factor: Festival of Darkness audiobook is available now on download at £9.99.

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